FAQ’s about Fountain of the Sun® Association (FOSA)

What hours is your office open? The FOSA office is open Monday through Friday, 7 AM – 3 PM, year-round excluding holidays.

What hours is the Contract Postal Station (CPU) open? The CPU is also open 7 AM – 3 PM excluding holidays.

• I need a mail key; I have a question about my mail delivery
As a CPU, we DO NOT handle the delivery of your mail, or issues with undelivered mail, or questions about your mail key or location of your mailbox. For those inquiries, you need to contact the FOUR PEAKS POST OFFICE at 9855 E. Southern Ave.  It is on Southern Ave, just west of Crismon (480) 357-3805.

I’m interested in moving into your community, do you have a rental / sales office or a list of available properties? No, but please look at our monthly Sun Times newspaper for realtor listings, and, if you are in the area, check the bulletin board in our Activity Center.

How much are Access Cards to the Swimming Pool and Fitness Room?
There is one key that will get you into both the pool and the fitness room. the cost is $15.

What forms of payment do you accept? The FOSA Office and the Post Office both accept cash or U.S. checks ONLY.

Can you fax something for me? Yes, we can send outgoing faxes for you and we can also accept incoming faxes. Our fax number is 480-380-7005. Incoming faxes are .50 per page; outgoing faxes are $1.00 per page.

Can you make copies for me? Yes, for a small fee we can make B&W or Color copies for you.

Can I store my RV here? Yes, Fountain of the Sun Association has an RV Storage facility for residents only on a space available basis. Please Call the FOSA office Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. for information at: 480-380-4000 for availability and cost.

• There’s a streetlight out, who do I contact? Contact SRP. Details here: Reporting a street light outage.

Do you have a room I can use for a private party / meeting / function?
Yes. Rates are as follows:
LAKE ROOM – Max. capacity 36 Room rental fee: $40 Deposit: $100
FIRESIDE ROOM – Max. capacity 56 Room rental fee: $40 Deposit: $100 POOLSIDE ROOM – Max. capacity 49 Room rental fee: $40 Deposit:$100 ACTIVITY CENTER – Max. capacity 400 Room rental fee: $500 Deposit: $100
For more information, and to reserve a room, please contact our Activity Director, Heather Roberts, at 480-380-4000 x204 or heather@fos-az.com.

How do I get a phone book? Community phone books are available from the FOSA office to FOS residents. The DEX directories need to be ordered by calling: 1-877-243-8339. DEX will drop off your phone books in the lobby of the FOSCA office. They will have your name on them.

What items can I put in the community recycling bins? Bins are in the parking lot behind the Administration building. Newsprint, cardboard, aluminum, and plastic may all be recycled. NO GLASS or STEEL CANS recycling at this time.

Where can I recycle glass? There are three City of Mesa locations where you can recycle glass, the closest one is the East Mesa Service Center at 6935 E. Decatur St..  CLICK HERE FOR INFO