Dr. Hultsman Study

Fountain of the Sun Comprehensive Long Range Plan

Monday, August 5, 2019

Dear Residents of Fountain of the Sun,

Fountain of the Sun, an active, 55+ community of 2357 homes, is experiencing the changing of generations, with the incoming Baby Boomers and GenXers having different perspectives and preferences from their predecessors of the Silent Generation or the Depression Era. While changes are inevitable, the community responses to those changes are choices to be made by the residents. The Board of Directors sought guidance from the residents by commissioning Dr. Wendy Hultsman to use a variety of means (survey, focus groups, and a planning workshop) for direct input; Dr. Hultsman also reviewed the 2015 survey of residents, and collected literature on trends and best practices. Her 134 page report confirms that we are a diverse community with many priorities, some in conflict with others.

From all this input, six key issues in Fountain of the Sun were identified, and residents made specific suggestions of possible improvements, and in some cases identified data that should be gathered to guide action.

In fact, helping all of us develop a greater sense of community was identified as a desirable goal, as was improved communications from the Board of Directors to the residents. In alignment with those ideas, we, the Board of Directors, invite all residents to read the entire report and consider what to do. While no plan will please everyone, doing nothing is also not the answer. There is a lot of food for thought in this material, and some perspective to be gained by considering the appendix material as well.

The final component of Dr. Hultsman’s effort will be to present these results to the community, on a date that remains to be determined. We invite you all to think about how we can bring the best ideas to fruition in the coming five to seven years. In some cases, resident volunteers can make a significant difference, and contribute to our sense of community, while minimizing the amount of funding needed. Together, we can do it.

Finally we thank the Fountain of the Sun Foundation for underwriting the $12,000 professional fee for Dr. Hultsman’s work, enabling us to have valuable guidance to benefit the entire community for years to come.

Gerald T. Favero


FOSA Board of Directors

Copies of the report are available to residents electronically at no charge by clicking on the Download button or paper copies may be purchased at the FOSA Offices.

November 14, 2018 Presentation