Fountain of the Sun®Homeowners Association

Fountain of the Sun Homeowner’s Association (FOSHA):

FOSHA Board of Directors & Officers:

2019 Officers

President: Jerry Favero 

Vice-President: Keith Hilgendorf
Secretary: Linda Fischer
Treasurer: John Focht
Directors: Calvin Stone, Bob Talley and Francine Miller

2019 FOSHA / FOSA Election Results

Manager: Betty Johnson
Administrative Assistant: Dianna Smith   Phone: 480-984-1434   FAX: 480-984-1682
Mailing Address:
Fountain of the Sun Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 6127
Mesa, AZ  85216


Updated 9:00 p.m. 2.13.2019 2019 FOSHA / FOSA Board Election Results

Approved – FOSA 2019 Budget Detail and Summary

FOSHA Articles of Incorporation     Amended and Restated Bylaws 2017-04-18

Updated 11.9.18: Parcel 1 Declaration       Parcel 1 Amended Declaration

Parcel 2 Declaration        Parcel 2 Amended Declaration

Parcel 3A Declaration        Parcel 3A Amended Declaration

Parcel 3B Declaration        Parcel 3B Amended Declaration

Parcel 4 Declaration          Parcel 4 Amended Declaration

Parcel 6 Declaration          Parcel 6 Amended Declaration          Parcel 6 Amended Declaration (2) (2)

Parcel 7A Declaration        Parcel 7A Amended Declaration

Parcel 7B Declaration        Parcel 7B Amended Declaration

Parcel 13 Declaration        Parcel 13 Amended Declaration

Architectural Review Committee Policies and Procedures 2018    Architectural Request Form

Compliance Committee Policies and Procedures 2018

Complaint form