HOA Information

The information contained on this page applies to the single family homes & mobile homes only. If you live in a condominium or patio home, please contact your management company.

Compliance Manager: Betty Johnson
Administrative Assistant: Dianna Smith  

Phone: 480-984-1434   FAX: 480-984-1682
email: fosha@fos-az.com
Mailing Address:
Fountain of the Sun Association
540 S. 80th Street W
Mesa, AZ  85208


Approved – FOSA 2019 Budget Detail and Summary

FOSHA Articles of Incorporation     Amended and Restated Bylaws 2017-04-18

Updated 3.29.19:    Restated and Amended CCR’S

Architectural Review Committee Policies and Procedures 2018    Architectural Request Form

Compliance Committee Policies and Procedures 2018

Complaint form